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Note:  All prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
Check with CSSI to be sure they are current.


Ordering Instructions

DISCLAIMER:  CSSI carries a broad variety of creation resources (books, DVDs, etc.), for sale mainly in the Canadian prairie provinces. As a non-denominational organization, we carry products relating to the creation/evolution controversy (along with a few Bible study and 'Discernment' materials) from many sources. This does NOT imply endorsement of the theological positions of all these sources.

TAXES: Under the “small suppliers’ exemption”, we do not have to charge GST, but our prices do cover part of our GST costs. Saskatchewan has no tax on books but we have to add 6% PST on DVDs, CDs, and most miscellaneous items that are delivered within the province.

ORDERING Prices and availability are subject to change without notice, so contact us for current listings. For more information on resource availability or to place an order, you can:

  • email Garry Miller
  • phone CSSI at  (306) 252-2842
  • or mail to:
    Box 26
    KENASTON, SK  S0G 2N0 (Canada)

We accept payment by cheque, credit card (Discovery, MC, or VISA), or cash (not recommended by mail).

Shipping & Handling Charges: Please add $15.00 per order for S&H IF mailed   EXCEPT individual DVDs can ship for $3.00 each.

Rush orders or special items may be more. If you are not in a hurry for items, we can usually deliver them for pickup in Saskatoon, and save you the S&H charges.

You can also order ahead for pickup at our book table at events such as the Creation Celebration (North Battleford - March), Discerning the Times Bible Conference (Saskatoon - April), our camp (Echo Lake - July).  Check our 'Events' page for details.

If you are driving past Kenaston, Saskatchewan, you can make arrangements to stop by the farm and view our resources and again save the S&H. (Please call ahead.)

Our prices are below suggested Canadian “Retail” on many items so even with S&H you may still save yourself some money by ordering from us. 

We hope to be of service to you.  Thank you for ordering through CSSI.


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